Duty-free goods worth less than 1 million when the courier

The level value of goods imported via courier service is planned tax exemption (including import duties and value added tax) is 1 million.

This is the content in the draft decision on the regulation norms of goods imported via courier service tax exemption will by the Prime Minister issued are widely consulted.

917 Tax exempt t2 goods worth less than 1 million when the courier

Accordingly, the case of goods imported via courier service with a value exceeding the tax-free rate is 1 million will be taxed under the provisions of the current law.

The Finance Ministry will base the actual situation of each specific phase to increase or decrease by 20% compared with the norms prescribed in order to implement the reform objectives of administrative procedures in accordance with international practices; fluctuations case exceed 20% of the report to the Prime Minister for consideration and adjustment.

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