Streamlining customs procedures for express delivery service

18/11, the General Department of Customs and courier Association of Asia-Pacific (CAPEC) has organized a seminar on streamlining customs procedures for express delivery services.

The workshop focused on discussing three key issues is the minimum value of goods sent by courier exempt, reform customs procedures for customs clearance of express delivery by air, to prepare for Pilot project to clear goods for courier.

At the conference, CAPEC made 9 recommendations on reform procedures for each priority obviously short, medium and long term.

T1 916 Streamlining customs procedures for express delivery service

In particular, short-term priority is to focus on customs clearance before they dock with the risk management measures, use mode minimum threshold for tax exemption to facilitate customs clearance of consignments of low value, the customs working hours flexibility, consistent with the needs of businesses.

Also the CAPEC to talk to General Administration of Customs on the introduction of the system of information exchange electronic data to assist in the inspection and automatic selection, handling international consignments in transit, the Flexible plans pay import duties and other taxes to facilitate courier shipments.

Customs Department in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to admit, the infrastructure of information technology today has not met requirements for streamlining customs procedures with the courier service; the redeployment time work while not planning to focus points have difficulties; commodity classification slow ...

Ending the seminar, Vietnamese Hoang Cuong, Deputy General Director of the General Department of Customs said that the Vietnam Customs will coordinate closely with the project CAPEC pre-arrival clearance. However, the resolution must be coordinated with the relevant authorities.

From now to 2012, has a specific route to building a courier locations concentrated in the major airport, at the same time to rebuild the advanced procedures, meet the requirements set out.

Particularly on the issue of information technology, the period ahead the General Administration of Customs, Customs Department namely Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will be reviewed, given the requirements of the infrastructure, software good to operate the current system.

In the long term, the two sides will discuss a system to make information technology standards and meet the set requirements.

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